We are the counselors in private practice at Sunnyside Counseling Offices

Kelly Bentz, MA, CSAT

Kelly counsels adults, couples, adolescents and groups. She is an adjunct faculty member at Concordia University teaching counseling and psychology classes.

Her experience includes providing counseling services in non-profit counseling centers in California and Oregon. Specialization: provides compassionate, supportive counseling and therapy to individuals addressing issues including: relationships, depression, anxiety, abuse, trauma, eating disorders, communication, grief, loss, parenting, life transitions, and spiritual growth.


Britta Centoni, MA in Counseling, Western Seminary

Britta's experience includes working with children, adults, and families at The Dougy Center for grieving children and families, Concordia University as a counselor and adjunct professor, Sunnyside Counseling Center, and Bethany House for new and expectant young mothers.

She works with adolescents and adults facing a variety of issues such as depression, anxiety, self-exploration, eating disorders, career and school issues, relationship difficulties, family problems, grief/loss, cutting, and pre-natal and post-partum emotional health.

Kathryn Fanchi, MA

Pain, especially when unspoken, can affect the way we think and relate. It can be paralyzing. Healing often takes place where there is opportunity for honest telling of thoughts, feelings and experiences.

I believe we each are unique in the ways we interact with people and the world – and the way environments affect us. We are created to be engaged in life and in the lives of others and have unique contributions in this. I view counseling as a collaborative process – I may offer new or alternative ways of thinking or challenge an action but you are the one who ultimately determines what you do or how you move forward. I will strive to work with you – to support, understand and help guide you as you engage in life.

I have experience working with adolescents and adults in areas of grief, loss, transition, abuse and healing, family and relational conflict, substance abuse, anxiety and depression.

Alan Wheatley, MA

We are created and designed to enjoy life: to engage in meaningful relationships with God and others, to experience pleasurable activities; and to contribute to society in productive ways.

But sometimes obstacles get in the way. Life's journey can become challenging, to say the least. Pressures and stress can build to the point that it negatively affects multiple areas of our lives: personal well-being, relationships with God and others, as well as other areas. It can feel overwhelming and depressing!

I have training and experience in: marriage/family; addictions; anger management; grief; purpose/identity; and finding God in the midst of pain.

Please contact me and together we'll find your path to health, peace and well-being.